The creation of each Orkney chair by hand is two-and-a-half weeks of solid work for a skilled craftsman. The process starts with the selection of materials, seen to the left in the sizing up of a piece of driftwood.

The chairs are often made from hardwoods such as Oak and Walnut, with the traditional driftwood also a popular option. As each chair is commissioned and made to order, we can make it to your exact wishes.

The first challenge in creating the Orkney chair from scratch is in the 32 hand crafted mortised and tenoned joints of the frame. The back of each chair is made from three sheaves of white oats, a traditional crop grown on a handful of Orkney farms just for craftsmen. Each piece of straw is individually prepared before being woven by hand into a continuous rope.

To the right we see a standard gent's chair that has just been completed, and clearly visible is the workmanship that has gone into making the untreated straw in the pile behind it into such a beautiful piece of furniture.

In keeping with the tradition of different sized chairs for each member of the family, the chairs are available in gent's, ladies', child's, and even infant sizes.


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