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Gent’s Driftwood Orkney Chair with Oak Creepie.

Product Description: This distinctive Orkney chair is a gent’s model in driftwood with a solid seat.

The ‘Creepie’ is a traditional Orkney milking stool dating back centuries. Priced at £80, the one pictured is in oak, and complements the Orkney chair beautifully.

Chair: £810
Creepie: £80
New Round-backed Orkney Chair.
While the straight back of the traditional chairs is designed with an upright position in mind, this curved chair will support your back whether you choose to sit upright, across it, or in a more relaxed pose. Price: £975
New for 2007: Corner Orkney Chair.

I thought about it a while ago because a lot of folk would like an Orkney chair, but maybe they don't have enough room for a conventional one.

This new one fits right into a corner. It’s very versatile because it gives support to your back whether you choose to sit across the corner or on either one of the sides.

Price: £875
Nest of Tables with Seagrass Tops.

This handy set of three tables can also double up as stools. The traditional tops are woven rigid and flat to accommodate use as a table, but the seagrass also has some give in it so it functions as a comfy seat.

Based closely on the form of traditional Orkney chairs, the combination of the modern timber and seagrass tops gives these tables a clean look that will fit well into a modern sitting room.

Price: £350
Orkney Rocking Chair in Oak.
Rockers can be added to any type of Orkney chair, adding a modern touch without damaging the aesthetic. The result is a very homely chair, perfect for sitting by the fire with your favourite book. Price: £830
New Box Orkney Chair.
A brand new design for 2006, the Box Orkney Chair is based on the traditional ‘poor mans’ Orkney chair which was build by fishermen from reclaimed driftwood creel boxes. The solid seat can be hinged to allow storage inside the base of the chair. Price: £925
Gent's Hooded Orkney Chair with drawer.
The hooded Orkney chair was developed to keep in the warmth of the fire and offer protection from draughts of the harsh Orkney wind. The drawer is historically noted as being a safe place to house a bible, though rumour has it there’s room enough for a bottle of whiskey there too.
Price: £1025
New Orkney Bar Stool.
The Orkney bar stool is an original design released in 2005 as a stunning modern addition to our range of Orkney chairs. While retaining the essential essence of the traditional design, and instantly recognisable as an Orkney chair, the longer legs and shorter back give this chair a sharp modernist look. This chair adds that special homely touch to a minimalist room, and is ideal for breakfast bars. Price: £650
Orkney Stools.
The perfect accompaniments to your Orkney chair, these Orkney stools are crafted in oak, with sea grass tops.

Low: £95
Medium: £110
High: £120

Orkney Chairs in Mahogany.
For a much more modern look, a striking dark timber takes the place of the traditional driftwood. The traditional soft seagrass seat is chosen over a solid seat for it’s warmth and comfort, and is of course woven by hand. Pictured is a gent's sized mahogany chair with rockers. Price: £870
Infant’s Orkney Chair.
This miniature Orkney chair, pictured with a full sized chair for comparison, is one the cutest pieces of furniture you will ever see. Despite the smaller stature, it is available in the full range of styles and timbers, and is shown here in mahogany. With the addition of a drawer, you could maybe hide a few toys in there too. Price: £350
Gent's Orkney chair in driftwood, with a natural finish.

Original Orkney chairs were crafted from driftwood retrieved from the shore, as this is the only source of timber on the island. To maintain an authentic appearance, the chair is left unstained, allowing the beautiful sea stains to show throughout the wood.

Price: £810

More available designs:
Driftwood ladies hooded chair with a natural finish.
Round Orkney chair with drawer.
Pair of Gents Orkney Chairs showing modern & traditional styles.
Ladies & Gents hooded pair with drawers in natural finish.
A new original design - nest of seagrass topped tables.
Nest of tables alongside an antique Orkney Chair.

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